Who We Are

We are committed to leading believers into missional community and equipping them in the foundations of the faith.

We simply follow Jesus’ example of discipleship. We desire to keep Him at the center of everything we do.

We understand that multiplication happens in the context of our authentic relationships.

Jesus directive was not to win over the masses, but to usher in a kingdom by enlisting men who could bear witness to His life and carry on His work after He returned to the Father. He selected, trained, and empowered leaders who would in turn reproduce themselves in others.

If we are to be successful disciple makers, like Jesus, we must invest our lives in others who will be faithful to do the same.


know your neighbor




4 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. God is working through a multi-denominational group of disciples who make disciples to begin forming geographic missional communities throughout the Birmingham area. These communities will share the love of Jesus with their neighbors. Thank you Father for asking us to be workers in your fields and for blessing those who are faithful, obedient and available. To Your Glory!


  2. Earlier this morning I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at Southside Baptist food drive. I met a fellow volunteer named Angel. Without any hesitation, Angel shared his testimony about how he received his prosthetic leg. His story is an incredible reminder of what it means to have absolute, childlike faith and the need to stay desperate for God. I am grateful for Southside Baptist and the incredible missions The Lord has allowed to take place inside. All glory be to God The Father.

    – Lindsay

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